365: a sudden remembrance

A bowl of tomatoes – nothing extraordinary about that. Except that it’s her bowl.  And momentarily I’m taken back to the modest brick house in the next town where he coaxed plump better boys from the earth to her table and she filled the bowl with fruit salad and memories year upon year. And if I lean into the memory just a bit, I can smell the bacon frying and hear the mixer whirring and the pendulum on the handmade clock counting the time as we grew…taste the crumbling top of her pound cake and smell the sweetness of the wood shop. And today I miss them and feel their presence, all in a rush.


10 responses to “365: a sudden remembrance

  1. Oh, this is lovely and conjures up such tactile memories.

  2. Oh, thank you, Betsy. And thank you for dropping in! Nice to meet you.

  3. We all have those special memories ~ yours is so well written that I feel like I was there! Thanks!

  4. such sweet works. and how i LOVE the new look. bigger photos and your new header. it looks really great.

  5. Beautifully remembered and written. I can smell the bacon myself!
    Peace, Angela

  6. What a sweet bowl!

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