T H E * L I S T S

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the libraryWe spend many hours with fingers curled around the binding of a good book.
You’ll find our favorites and suggestions for your own library here.

learning spacesCreating an organized and engaging environment for learning can seem like a daunting task. Here are resources to guide your planning.

nature studyHead outside! Here are some prompts to get you started.

craftsThings for little hands to make and do.

art + poetryIntroducing art and poetry at a young age doesn’t have to be complicated.
Here are some resources to make it easy and fun.

life skillsMany (but not all) of these skills rely on the Montessori method.

a,b,cCreative ways to teach the alphabet, phonics, and early reading skills.

Make ordinary days magical and special days unforgettable.


One response to “T H E * L I S T S

  1. You have a wonderful site that I am going to announce to my 1100+ students! I have a free Geography Album (from my set of 12) that I offer to Montessori bloggers to giveaway for free on their sites….please let me know if you would like me to send it to you! Blessings, Karen Tyler, AMS from World Wide Montessori Online

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