B O O K * B A S K E T

I N   T H E   S P R I N G   B O O K   B A S K E T:
Bear Wants More, Karma Wilson
Spring, Gerda Muller
Oh, What a Busy Day, Gyo Fujikawa
Sleepy Bear, Lydia Dabcovich
Fruhling, Eva-Maria Ott Heidmann
A House of Leaves, Kiyosha Soya
Sarah’s Questions, Harriet Ziefert
First Comes Spring, Anne Rockwell
The Green Grass Grows All Around, Hilde Hoffman
The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Eric Carle
Are You My Mother
, P.D. Eastman
Terry and the Caterpillars
, Milicent E. Selsam
Possum and the Peeper, Anne Hunter


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