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list 15 | crafts

Sometimes the simplest toys really are best…fill your toy box or give as gifts.

Fabric Scrap Memory Game {via Inchmark Journal} – I have enough scraps lying around to make mountains of these.

How to Craft a Gnome {via Myrtle & Eunice} – so cute.

Milk Carton Boats {via Lilla A} – um…I want the mice too.


project 7 | recycled insect observatory

If you buy salad greens in containers instead of bags, don’t toss them all. They make wonderful bug houses. They’re not breakable, they’re easy to poke holes in, and they’ll stand up like a frame for easier bug watching. We fashioned a small door from a blank yard sale tag and some transparent tape to make for easier feeding. To learn more about keeping critters, grab a copy of this book:

Pets In A Jar

Also, Amy has a wonderful post over at Simple Kids today on collecting and storing other nature ojects, indoors and out. Check it out!

project 6 | alphabet album

This is one of those activities that we return to many times each week. I regularly peruse old magazines for pictures of recognizable items beginning with each letter of the alphabet and pass them to Wren, five or six at a time, to add to her abc album: a soft cover photo album I got for $1. Each page has a colored dot sticker with a letter of the alphabet written on it. Our album actually has a handy pocket inside the back cover to store the new pictures until she sorts them into their appropriate pages. We love.

Hop over to Preschool Corner for more inspiration.

list 11 | crafts

Portable Art Studio {via Maya*Made} – This is such a wonderful recycling project. 

Drive and Draw {via The Activity Mom} – Put a new “spin” on drawing.

Tin Foil Noodles {via Elsie Marley} – Wrapping + threading = busy little hands