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list 25 | nature study

I love this DIY Botanical Press  tutorial over at A Beautiful Mess. It would make a delightful gift.

If nature study doesn’t come naturally for you, take a peek at Nature Study for Wimps at Simple Homeschool.

Looking for a fun way to pass an autumn afternoon? Check out the scientific scavenger hunt over at Imagine Childhood.

And finally, if you’re looking for a creative way to bring a hint of nature indoors, Kathryn Anderson is over at re-nest with this amazing tutorial for a string tree wall mural.


list 16 | nature study

While exploring the wide world…

Concoct your own Gardener’s Hand Scrub with this recipe from House On Hill Road.

Watch the night sky and chart the moon’s phases for one month using a free printable from International Observe The Moon Night. {scroll down and click on the heading that reads “Moon Observation Journals”}.

Make a Grass Sweeper Net for critter catching with this tutorial from 5 Orange Potatoes.

project 7 | recycled insect observatory

If you buy salad greens in containers instead of bags, don’t toss them all. They make wonderful bug houses. They’re not breakable, they’re easy to poke holes in, and they’ll stand up like a frame for easier bug watching. We fashioned a small door from a blank yard sale tag and some transparent tape to make for easier feeding. To learn more about keeping critters, grab a copy of this book:

Pets In A Jar

Also, Amy has a wonderful post over at Simple Kids today on collecting and storing other nature ojects, indoors and out. Check it out!

project 5 | slinky snake

Chances are that somewhere along the way, you made a slinky paper plate snake when you were growing up. One of our favorite counting books will give you an excuse to make another. Making Learning Fun also has this free printable Mouse Count Game to go along.

project 3 | field glasses

I won’t pretend to be the first mother to stash tissue tubes to make field glasses. I won’t claim to understand how the simplest of inventions can plumb the deepest recesses of childhood imagination. Nor will I insult your intelligence by walking you through the construction process step by step.  But I will wish you a day of daring adventures. Happy exploring!

list 9 | nature study

birdJam – learn the voices of many North American songbirds with these free sound bytes. And while you’re visiting, read this wonderful article with tips for tuning your ear to the orchestra outside your window.

Vintage Bird, Egg, & Nest Printables – These are great for printing and using as decor but not all of them are labeled in a way that make them suitable teaching aids. However, we printed the one for songbirds of North America and laminated it. One of our projects will eventually be to research and label the back of the poster with the name of each bird.

Wild Bird Feeding in the Autumn – This article addressed some great questions about feeding backyard guests during the shift in seasons.

p.s. Two book giveaways end today. Don’t miss them!

project 2 | leaf collecting + matching

Before autumn winds pillage every last bough, we’re gathering up bits of two seasons – a pair of leaves from each old tree – one still green and one turned brittle. They’re laminated, labeled on the back, and squirreled away for a matching game. We have six pair. I’m sure many more will follow.