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Free Montessori Albums (teacher’s guides)

If you’re just beginning your Montessori journey as we are, you know how overwhelming the process can be. I got more than a little frustrated looking at all of the different activities and materials needed to facilitate Montessori teaching at home. So much for this momma to learn! However, when I began researching, I quickly discovered that there is a wealth FREE Montessori albums online (think of these as teacher’s guides) and I want to pass along some WONDERFUL resources for those of you who would like to begin, but aren’t sure how to go about it. I’ll be updating this resource list regularly so check back for updates.


Maria Montessori’s Own Handbook is available as a free download from Project Gutenberg

Visit Montessori World for:
Free Montessori Practical Life Album for 3 to 6
Free Montessori Sensorial Album for 3 to 6
Free Montessori Language Album for 3 to 6
Free Montessori Math Album for 3 to 6

Visit Info Montessori for:
Free Montessori Practical Life Album for 3 to 6
Free Montessori Sensorial Album for 3 to 6
Free Montessori Language Album for 3 to 6
Free Montessori Math Album for 3 to 6

 Shu-Chen Jenny Yen for:
Free Montessori Practical Life Album for 3 to 6
Free Montessori Sensorial Album for 3 to 6
Free Montessori Language Album for 3 to 6
Free Montessori Math Album for 3 to 6

Visit Montessori Teachers Collective for:
Free Montessori Math Album for 3 to 6
Free Montessori Culture Album for 3 to 6
Free Montessori Math Album for 6 to 9
Free Montessori History Album for 6 to 9
Free Montessori Geometry Album for 6 to 9
Free Montessori Biology Album for 6 to 9
Free Montessori Language Album for 6 to 9

Being new to the Montessori method, I also wanted a better understanding of the sequence and age appropriateness of the various Montessori activities. The following articles and outlines on Montessori scope and sequence have been a lifesaver.

Montessori Scope and Sequence for 3 to 6 and Montessori Scope and Sequence for 6 to 9 at Montessori Teachers Collective

Maitri Learning has two free PDFs: Language Material Organization and Sequence and Math Materials Organization and Sequence (scroll down to the heading Arranging the Environment). They also have  free printable Montessori planning and record keeping pages a bit further down the page.

Our Montessori Story has Montessori Scope and Sequence divided into seven periods of Montessori work from David Gettman’s book, which I am finding very helpful.

Montessori Print Shop’s blog has four posts on Montessori Scope and Sequence that are great.

Our Montessori Homeschool has posts detailing their daily Montessori lesson plans from 2009 to the present.

The Joy of Learning has Montessori Sensorial scope and sequence with lesson plans for many of the materials. She also has ideas for Montessori practical life lessons.


How to Make Your Own Montessori Sensorial Materials

Make your own Montessori sensorial materials with these tutorials and free printables.  I’ll be updating this list regularly so check back for more!

Read this post by Maybe Montessori to
Make Montessori Red Rods
Make a Montessori Pink Tower
Make a Montessori Brown/Broad Stair

 Free Printable Montessori Color Tablets for Boxes One, Two, & Three at Wise Little Owls.

Make Montessori geometric insets with Seedpod Craft.”
Download free printable geometric inset templates at Montessori Materials.

Download Montessori constructive triangles free templates from Montessori Materials.

Free printable Montessori geometric figures templates (squares, circles, rectangles, and triangles) at Montessori Mom. (Scroll down to the Geometric Cards heading.)

Make Montessori Decanomial Squares with The Learning Ark.

Make Montessori Binomial Cube and Trinomial Cube with A Garden of Roses and Lillies.

Make Montessori sandpaper touch tablets with A Bit of This and a Bit of That.

Make Montessori fabric texture materials with Info Montessori.

Make Montessori baric tablets with Rhythm of the Home.

Make Montessori thermic bottles with Cooperating Four Boys.

Make Montessori sound bottles with A Handmade Childhood.

Make Montessori scent bottles with The Wonder Years.

Make Montessori tasting bottles with Info Montessori.

Free printable Montessori geometric solids cards at ETC Press.

Make a Montessori mystery bag with Montessori by Hand.

Make a Montessori sandpaper globe with Adventures of a Rainbow Mama.

Our Montessori Classroom: The Nature Table

One of the most frequented areas of our Montessori homeschool classroom is the nature table. I’m trying to keep it simple. Less is more with little ones. Our nature table is really just a low shelf. She loves to collect things outdoors and I’m trying to encourage her exploration. Our nature table holds a magnifying glass, a wooden tray, a plastic bin with a lid that is divided into small cubes, as well as some stacked plastic drawers to the left of the table for sorting her treasures.

To the right, is a wire basket for our nature books. It currently holds:

our family field guide(more on that here)

Guide to Field Identification of the Birds of North America

Peterson’s First Guide to Insects of North America

Peterson’s First Guide to Trees

Pets in a Jar

And my favorite part – the birdwatching wall. I stumbled onto these vintage Singer Bird Art Cards and they are perfect for this space. We have a feeder just outside the window and throughout the day she frequently pauses from work and play to watch the comings and goings. The cards make it easy for her to identify our guests on her own.

Click HERE to see Part 1 of our classroom tour.


For a list of our favorite DIY Montessori materials and free printables, please visit the Montessori resource  page.

DIY and Free Printable Montessori Math Materials

Make your own Montessori math materials with these printables and tutorials. I’ll be updating this list regularly so check back for new additions!

Make Montessori Number Rods with A Handmade Childhood.

Make sandpaper numbers with The Joy of Learning.

Make a spindle box with Pyjama School.

Make your own Montessori counters with My HomeMade Montessori

Make your own Montessori bead material with Walk Beside Me.

Make a teen board with A Handmade Childhood.

Make a makeshift Montessori bead “cabinet” with A Thousand Joys.

Make an addition strip board with this printable from Montessori en el Hogar

Make decanomial squares with The Learning Ark.

Make a Montessori stamp game with The Learning Ark. (Scroll down for a link to a free printable Montessori stamp game.

Free printable curved and straight line geometry cards at Montessori for Everyone.

For more DIY Montessori materials and free printables, please visit the Montessori resource  page.

Our Montessori Classroom: The Map Wall

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’ve spent the last few weeks working on our Montessori-style school room / play room (…see helpful resources here)  so I thought I’d share a few of our corners with you. I’m beginning today with our geography wall because it is probably my favorite part of the room. You can purchase laminated maps but most of the large ones I’ve seen are pretty expensive. We actually had this old map rolled up in the basement. I bought it at our local bookstore several years ago. Since she is such a hands-on learner (what preschooler isn’t?) I’ve been trying to think of creative ways for her to learn geography through play. She LOVES this one. I cut a medium weight sheet of plastic laminate (purchased at the fabric store) the same size as the map, and used tacks to pin it at her level on the wall. When we read books with geographic references in them, she can mark the locations on the map with a dry erase marker. Even when we’re not reading, she loves drawing on it and telling grand stories about her own imaginary adventures.

Go to Part II: Our Nature Table

p.s. There will NOT be a Poetic Play post this Monday…very busy weekend ahead, but look for one the following week!

Creating a Montessori Homeschool Classroom

UPDATE: There will be no List Lovers post today. I’m up to my ears today. I’m terribly sorry that I forgot to tell you yesterday. If you’d still like to share your list, feel free to add your link at the end of this post.

If you’re growing weary of all of the Montessori posts, I apologize, but blogging is about seasons and this is the season we’re in so I’m going with it. The past few weeks I’ve been slowly organizing and gathering odds and ends for our Montessori homeschool classroom. I am not a Montessori teacher and by no means an expert on designing a prepared environment so I have been mining the web for ideas and inspiration and I wanted to share a few nuggets with you that I have found so helpful.

This presentation given by James Dyck at the 2007 AMS conference. I discovered the link in the Montessori by Hand group board.

Montessori Homeschool Resources has this wonderful article about setting up an outdoor Montessori garden classroom.

Montessori for Everyone shares tips for creating an art area in your Montessori classroom.

Meg {Sew Liberated} has a wonderful Flickr gallery with notes about the Montessori prepared environment.

This Picasa Gallery posted by Learning the Montessori Way.

Tours of these home school classrooms:
Counting Coconuts 

Mommy Moments  
Wildflowers and Marbles
Holy Experience
Montessori at Home

I found these articles on setting up a Montessori prepared environment to be helpful:
Principles of the Montessori Prepared Environment and Classroom Set-up  at Montessori Training.

This collection of posts on layout and organization of the Montessori classroom at Montessori for Everyone.

And finally, here’s some eye candy. I’ve been putting together this gallery of playful learning spaces on Pinterest. They obviously are not all Montessori inspired, but I’ve found so much inspiration. Just click the image to take a look around.


I hope to be back tomorrow with a room tour of our own. Have a wonderful Thursday!

p.s. Visit the Montessori resource page for links to a wonderful collection of FREE Montessori resources and printables. It’s a work in progress!

Free Montessori Puzzles

We are very into puzzles these days so I was THRILLED to discover this collection of free printable Montessori style puzzles. I made this turtle puzzle from Montessori N’ Such out of foam.

Like the other free Montissori resource posts, I’ll be updating this one regularly as I discover other resources.

Visit Maybe Montessori for:
Free Parts of a Flower Puzzle
Free Parts of a Leaf Puzzle
Free Parts of a Plant Puzzle

Visit The Adventures of Bear for:
Free Parts of a Bird Puzzle

Visit Montessori N’ Such for a HUGE collection of:
Free Botany Puzzles
Free Animal Puzzles

For more free Montessori printables and resources, click below to visit the directory.