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There are days that I struggle to hear her over the cries of the laundry piled in the doorway. The only Cheerios in the house are the ones cemented to the kitchen floor and I discover the milk carton is empty just as we’re sitting down for breakfast. In my endless chasing of the to-do list I offer little more than a steady stream of “not now…in a minute…maybe later.” I’m impatient and push her little legs to match my stride. Sometimes she multiplies messes and I spill words, harsh and cold. And sometimes I feel uninspired…ill-equipped, and I need reminders to make room for the things that clear the clamour and call forth calm. This weekend, as we enter the holiday season, with all its beauty and bustle, I’ll carve out time to linger once again in these pages. It’s refreshment for a mother’s heart and hands on special days and every day.

I considered canceling this weekend’s edition of {i n h a b i t} with the holiday pressing in, but decided to go ahead with it, if for no other reason than to remind myself to savour these days SLOWLY. So I’ll wish you a deeply meaningful Thanksgiving celebration, and see you back here on Friday morning for round two of {i n h a b i t}. You can add your link any time until Monday morning when I close the comments.

p.s. I know that many of you are striving for a handmade holiday this season. This morning I stumbled across Live FashionABLE and was nearly moved to tears. I encourage you to visit and read the stories of these precious women of Ethiopia, and perhaps even add one of their beautiful scarves to your list this year. You’ll be joining hands to provide help, hope, and healing.


yarn along | 2

Every now and then, a book finds its way to me at the eleventh hour – when these momma bones are tired and dry and in need of life-giving breath. This is one of those books…oxygen on paper…refreshment…renewal. Just in time. Undeniable Grace.

{Linking up with Ginny for Yarn Along today.}

Also making magnetic vintage paper dolls here. Oh so fun!

list 24 | the library

Building a rich collection of children’s literature does not have to be a burdensome task…

Honey for a Child’s Heart, by Gladys Hunt, and The Read-Aloud Handbook, by Jim Trelease: I’m not sure how I survived the library labyrinth without these. No more aimlessly filling our basket. Now we walk in armed with a list and a plan, and often times, I put the list on hold with my online library account (check your local library for this service). Given enough notice, my books will be stacked and waiting for me at the counter. I love walking in and walking out with a stack of new books in a matter of minutes when we’re pushed for time.

The American Library Association publishes a new list of the most notable children’s books each year, beginning in 2004. Previous years are being added.

The International Reading Association also publishes several reading lists by year: Children’s Choices, Teacher’s Choices, and Young Adult Choices.

And last, but not least, Amy’s book series sampler is such a wonderful gift idea for that special occasion, or for no reason at all. Tucking this one away.

memory maker 2 | the storytime diary

She fingers the bright bindings piled in rows in the brimful basket at our feet and plucks a few, plunking them down on the couch before swinging one leg up, and then the other. Curling into me, her tiny frame fits snugly against mine in the afternoon sunlight.  And we sink into pillows and my eyes chase letters and her ears chase cadence and we drift deeper into wonder with each turn of the page. And sometimes she interrupts and sometimes she yawns and sometimes she shouts, “Again!” when the last word is uttered. And on and on we romp through the magic hour that now feels natural as breathing and I watch her dark eyes dart – captivated. And I whisper gratitude and fall in love again with this and motherhood and her. And later, when the house falls silent, and all the doing is done, I pull out the book…her book.

The small one with the bumblebee and the reaching flowers and the lined pages of list upon list – beloved books and authors scrawled in her momma’s hand – a record of what one small girl saw and heard and loved, again and again. And I remember and write and smile. And imagine, years from now, a young woman with dancing dark eyes, whispering between the library shelves, clutching a chubby dimpled hand on one side, and this book on the other. And when the small one in her shadow asks (loudly, of course), “What book are we gonna get, Momma?”, she’ll whisper back, “Well, when I was three, I loved…”

list 21 | the library

Mouse Mess quickly became a favorite…hers and mine. Delightful illustrations to enjoy again and again. It will almost have you wishing for a mouse visitor of your very own…almost.

Ox-Cart Man really is a gem of a book…timeless. Love.

list 18 | learning spaces


Montessori-inspired workboxes {Nurturing the Tender Years} – good organizational ideas

DIY Personal Library Kit {Twig & Thistle} – I love this free printable kit…would make a thoughtful gift as well.

Calendar + Morning Board {Homeschool Creations} – links to many of the resources she uses are provided in the post…more free printables!

project 7 | recycled insect observatory

If you buy salad greens in containers instead of bags, don’t toss them all. They make wonderful bug houses. They’re not breakable, they’re easy to poke holes in, and they’ll stand up like a frame for easier bug watching. We fashioned a small door from a blank yard sale tag and some transparent tape to make for easier feeding. To learn more about keeping critters, grab a copy of this book:

Pets In A Jar

Also, Amy has a wonderful post over at Simple Kids today on collecting and storing other nature ojects, indoors and out. Check it out!