DIY and Free Printable Montessori Math Materials

Make your own Montessori math materials with these printables and tutorials. I’ll be updating this list regularly so check back for new additions!

Make Montessori Number Rods with A Handmade Childhood.

Make sandpaper numbers with The Joy of Learning.

Make a spindle box with Pyjama School.

Make your own Montessori counters with My HomeMade Montessori

Make your own Montessori bead material with Walk Beside Me.

Make a teen board with A Handmade Childhood.

Make a makeshift Montessori bead “cabinet” with A Thousand Joys.

Make an addition strip board with this printable from Montessori en el Hogar

Make decanomial squares with The Learning Ark.

Make a Montessori stamp game with The Learning Ark. (Scroll down for a link to a free printable Montessori stamp game.

Free printable curved and straight line geometry cards at Montessori for Everyone.

For more DIY Montessori materials and free printables, please visit the Montessori resource  page.


Our Montessori Classroom: The Map Wall

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’ve spent the last few weeks working on our Montessori-style school room / play room (…see helpful resources here)  so I thought I’d share a few of our corners with you. I’m beginning today with our geography wall because it is probably my favorite part of the room. You can purchase laminated maps but most of the large ones I’ve seen are pretty expensive. We actually had this old map rolled up in the basement. I bought it at our local bookstore several years ago. Since she is such a hands-on learner (what preschooler isn’t?) I’ve been trying to think of creative ways for her to learn geography through play. She LOVES this one. I cut a medium weight sheet of plastic laminate (purchased at the fabric store) the same size as the map, and used tacks to pin it at her level on the wall. When we read books with geographic references in them, she can mark the locations on the map with a dry erase marker. Even when we’re not reading, she loves drawing on it and telling grand stories about her own imaginary adventures.

Go to Part II: Our Nature Table

p.s. There will NOT be a Poetic Play post this Monday…very busy weekend ahead, but look for one the following week!

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Joining Amanda for this Friday ritual.

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O U R   R O O M   T O U R: Take a  peek inside our Montessori inspired learning space.

Creating a Montessori Homeschool Classroom

UPDATE: There will be no List Lovers post today. I’m up to my ears today. I’m terribly sorry that I forgot to tell you yesterday. If you’d still like to share your list, feel free to add your link at the end of this post.

If you’re growing weary of all of the Montessori posts, I apologize, but blogging is about seasons and this is the season we’re in so I’m going with it. The past few weeks I’ve been slowly organizing and gathering odds and ends for our Montessori homeschool classroom. I am not a Montessori teacher and by no means an expert on designing a prepared environment so I have been mining the web for ideas and inspiration and I wanted to share a few nuggets with you that I have found so helpful.

This presentation given by James Dyck at the 2007 AMS conference. I discovered the link in the Montessori by Hand group board.

Montessori Homeschool Resources has this wonderful article about setting up an outdoor Montessori garden classroom.

Montessori for Everyone shares tips for creating an art area in your Montessori classroom.

Meg {Sew Liberated} has a wonderful Flickr gallery with notes about the Montessori prepared environment.

This Picasa Gallery posted by Learning the Montessori Way.

Tours of these home school classrooms:
Counting Coconuts 

Mommy Moments  
Wildflowers and Marbles
Holy Experience
Montessori at Home

I found these articles on setting up a Montessori prepared environment to be helpful:
Principles of the Montessori Prepared Environment and Classroom Set-up  at Montessori Training.

This collection of posts on layout and organization of the Montessori classroom at Montessori for Everyone.

And finally, here’s some eye candy. I’ve been putting together this gallery of playful learning spaces on Pinterest. They obviously are not all Montessori inspired, but I’ve found so much inspiration. Just click the image to take a look around.


I hope to be back tomorrow with a room tour of our own. Have a wonderful Thursday!

p.s. Visit the Montessori resource page for links to a wonderful collection of FREE Montessori resources and printables. It’s a work in progress!

Free Montessori Puzzles

We are very into puzzles these days so I was THRILLED to discover this collection of free printable Montessori style puzzles. I made this turtle puzzle from Montessori N’ Such out of foam.

Like the other free Montissori resource posts, I’ll be updating this one regularly as I discover other resources.

Visit Maybe Montessori for:
Free Parts of a Flower Puzzle
Free Parts of a Leaf Puzzle
Free Parts of a Plant Puzzle

Visit The Adventures of Bear for:
Free Parts of a Bird Puzzle

Visit Montessori N’ Such for a HUGE collection of:
Free Botany Puzzles
Free Animal Puzzles

For more free Montessori printables and resources, click below to visit the directory.

project 18: Make A Montessori Continent Map

This continent map from Montessori N’ Such had me drooling, but the price…not so much, so I began searching for alternatives. I’ve seen quite a few continent maps crafted out of felt, but I wanted something more tactile that was a bit more durable for little hands so I decided to make continent map out of foam. This map is intended to be used as a reference / control chart and as a play mat for miniatures since the continents are affixed to the board. However, after I cut out the first set of continents, I traced a second matching set to use with an additional blank board so she can build the world herself while looking at the control map. I chose foam colors to match the traditional Montessori continent colors.


One foam core board
Colored foam sheets:
          Large: orange, yellow, white and blue (2)
          Medium: pink, red, green brown
Sticky back velcro
Hot glue gun

Center the two blue foam sheets and glue them to the white board.
Visit Owl and Mouse  and print out the map titled “World 1” in the size, 2 x 2 (4 sheets). If you prefer larger maps, print out a larger size (obviously).Tape the map together so that all of the continents are in their proper place. Cut out each continent but DON’T cut it precisely along the lines. Leave some margin around the edges. This will make it easier to cut the final shape out of foam. Affix each cutout to the appropriate color foam sheet with a small piece of rolled transparent tape. Now cut out the shape out of foam, using the actual lines on the template as a guide. Glue the continents to the foam. Design your own continent labels. Use sticky back velcro to attach them to the side of the map so they can be removed easily and placed on the corresponding continent.

We’ll be using this map as we begin exploring the world with our continent boxes. If you’re looking for free continent box resources, visit this post for a collection of links to free resources.

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Poetic Play: Week Two

Welcome to the second week of Poetic Play! If you missed the introductory post, Preparing for Poetic Play, I suggest you begin there and then return to this week’s poem. It will tell you everything you need to know. If you’d like to play along with us, you’re welcome to grab this graphic.

Have fun playing!

T H I S    W E E K ‘ S    P O E M

The whistling postman swings along,
His bag is deep and wide,
And messages from all the world
Are bundled up inside.

The postman’s walking up our street.
Soon now he’ll ring my bell.
Perhaps there’ll be a letter stamped
In Asia. Who can tell?
-author unknown-

I M A G I N A T I O N   S T A T I O N
* Build a cardboard post office with this free pattern found at Happy Hearts at Home. (How fun is this?!?!)
* Sew a messenger bag for your little postal worker with this tutorial from MMM Crafts.
* Fabric envelopes will last much longer than paper in your playroom (and make less mess!) See this tutorial by Jennifer Casa at Sew, Mama, Sew, and this one by Kelly of {MAKE} for ideas and inspiration.
* Learn to whistle.
* Create a letter writing station. Here are some ideas to get you started:
Miko Design
Future Craft Collective
Katherine Marie Photography
The Sleepytime Gal

The Write Start

H A P P Y   H A N D S
* Find a pen-pal.  It could be a relative, a friend, a senior in your local nursing home, or a missionary kid on the other side of the world.
* Write a thank you note to the postman.
* Start a stamp collection.

K I T C H E N   C R E A T I O N S
*Whip up a tasty treat for your postal worker. Attach your thank you note and put it in your mailbox.

* Decorate a small cardboard box and make a mailbox for your family. Your little one can be the mail carrier and deliver the notes you write to one another.
* Design your own stamps with these friends of the USPS.

B O O K   B A S K E T
*Mailing May, by Michael O. Tunnell
*Seven Little Postmen by Margaret Wise Brown
* The Post Office Book by Gail Gibbons
* Will Goes to the Post Office by Elisabeth Dyssegaard
* To the Post Office with Mama by Sue Farrell
*Delivering Your Mail by Ann Owen
* A Letter to Amy by Ezra Jack Keats

T A K E   T O   T H E   S T R E E T
*Contact your local post office and see if they’ll allow you to take a tour.

T R A V E L   T H E   W O R L D
* Locate Asia on the map. Find out how much it costs to mail a letter and how long it will take to get there.

Have fun playing this week!

p.s. I’m in the process of compiling a directory of free online Montessori resources and printables, along with tutorials for making your own Montessori manipulatives. Hope you enjoy!
Click below to see the directory.