this moment

Joining Amanda for this Friday ritual

————————————-  a l s o,    t o d a y  ——————————–

More to come…

p.s. I’ve been working to make the directory of FREE Montessori resources a bit more user friendly AND I’ve added several new pages of FREE resources this week.
Hope you enjoy! 



14 responses to “this moment

  1. look at those sweet feet! *love*

  2. Nothing cuter than little baby piggy toes! 🙂

  3. little naked feet are just the best (I know, because my moment includes a pair too!) 🙂
    Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Ahhh I love baby feet! This is a good idea to try and focus on for next week’s “This Moment”!

  5. Très jolie photo. Pleine de douceur, on entend presque la voix du bébé. Merci pour le partage.

  6. I love that glowing pool of sunshine, very lovely : )

  7. Sweet little toes in all that sunshine. Makes me want to cuddle up and read a story.

  8. LOVE! Great photo. the light is stunning!

  9. Oh the feet and the light! Going to go kiss my little one’s feet right now!

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