How to Make Your Own Montessori Sensorial Materials

Make your own Montessori sensorial materials with these tutorials and free printables.  I’ll be updating this list regularly so check back for more!

Read this post by Maybe Montessori to
Make Montessori Red Rods
Make a Montessori Pink Tower
Make a Montessori Brown/Broad Stair

 Free Printable Montessori Color Tablets for Boxes One, Two, & Three at Wise Little Owls.

Make Montessori geometric insets with Seedpod Craft.”
Download free printable geometric inset templates at Montessori Materials.

Download Montessori constructive triangles free templates from Montessori Materials.

Free printable Montessori geometric figures templates (squares, circles, rectangles, and triangles) at Montessori Mom. (Scroll down to the Geometric Cards heading.)

Make Montessori Decanomial Squares with The Learning Ark.

Make Montessori Binomial Cube and Trinomial Cube with A Garden of Roses and Lillies.

Make Montessori sandpaper touch tablets with A Bit of This and a Bit of That.

Make Montessori fabric texture materials with Info Montessori.

Make Montessori baric tablets with Rhythm of the Home.

Make Montessori thermic bottles with Cooperating Four Boys.

Make Montessori sound bottles with A Handmade Childhood.

Make Montessori scent bottles with The Wonder Years.

Make Montessori tasting bottles with Info Montessori.

Free printable Montessori geometric solids cards at ETC Press.

Make a Montessori mystery bag with Montessori by Hand.

Make a Montessori sandpaper globe with Adventures of a Rainbow Mama.

2 responses to “How to Make Your Own Montessori Sensorial Materials

  1. What a wonderful list of resources – thank you for sharing them!

  2. thanks for this!

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