DIY and Free Printable Montessori Math Materials

Make your own Montessori math materials with these printables and tutorials. I’ll be updating this list regularly so check back for new additions!

Make Montessori Number Rods with A Handmade Childhood.

Make sandpaper numbers with The Joy of Learning.

Make a spindle box with Pyjama School.

Make your own Montessori counters with My HomeMade Montessori

Make your own Montessori bead material with Walk Beside Me.

Make a teen board with A Handmade Childhood.

Make a makeshift Montessori bead “cabinet” with A Thousand Joys.

Make an addition strip board with this printable from Montessori en el Hogar

Make decanomial squares with The Learning Ark.

Make a Montessori stamp game with The Learning Ark. (Scroll down for a link to a free printable Montessori stamp game.

Free printable curved and straight line geometry cards at Montessori for Everyone.

For more DIY Montessori materials and free printables, please visit the Montessori resource  page.


3 responses to “DIY and Free Printable Montessori Math Materials

  1. I found your blog through the comment you left on mine. I love it!!!♥
    I’m adding it to my blogroll!!!
    Simply Montessori

  2. Hello, I found your blog from this post linking to mine. Thank you so much for making this list, I’ll have to look at all the other links for ideas later. I’ll definitely be coming back to browse when I’ve got a bit more time. 🙂

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