Creating a Montessori Homeschool Classroom

UPDATE: There will be no List Lovers post today. I’m up to my ears today. I’m terribly sorry that I forgot to tell you yesterday. If you’d still like to share your list, feel free to add your link at the end of this post.

If you’re growing weary of all of the Montessori posts, I apologize, but blogging is about seasons and this is the season we’re in so I’m going with it. The past few weeks I’ve been slowly organizing and gathering odds and ends for our Montessori homeschool classroom. I am not a Montessori teacher and by no means an expert on designing a prepared environment so I have been mining the web for ideas and inspiration and I wanted to share a few nuggets with you that I have found so helpful.

This presentation given by James Dyck at the 2007 AMS conference. I discovered the link in the Montessori by Hand group board.

Montessori Homeschool Resources has this wonderful article about setting up an outdoor Montessori garden classroom.

Montessori for Everyone shares tips for creating an art area in your Montessori classroom.

Meg {Sew Liberated} has a wonderful Flickr gallery with notes about the Montessori prepared environment.

This Picasa Gallery posted by Learning the Montessori Way.

Tours of these home school classrooms:
Counting Coconuts 

Mommy Moments  
Wildflowers and Marbles
Holy Experience
Montessori at Home

I found these articles on setting up a Montessori prepared environment to be helpful:
Principles of the Montessori Prepared Environment and Classroom Set-up  at Montessori Training.

This collection of posts on layout and organization of the Montessori classroom at Montessori for Everyone.

And finally, here’s some eye candy. I’ve been putting together this gallery of playful learning spaces on Pinterest. They obviously are not all Montessori inspired, but I’ve found so much inspiration. Just click the image to take a look around.


I hope to be back tomorrow with a room tour of our own. Have a wonderful Thursday!

p.s. Visit the Montessori resource page for links to a wonderful collection of FREE Montessori resources and printables. It’s a work in progress!


4 responses to “Creating a Montessori Homeschool Classroom

  1. Beautiful and inspiring–thanks for sharing!

    (Will there be a list lovers post today, as well?)

  2. I understand completely! (I’m feeling up to my ears as well.)

  3. Just found your site through another blog and your post was great. I post similar type articles and I hope you will follow!

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