Free Montessori Puzzles

We are very into puzzles these days so I was THRILLED to discover this collection of free printable Montessori style puzzles. I made this turtle puzzle from Montessori N’ Such out of foam.

Like the other free Montissori resource posts, I’ll be updating this one regularly as I discover other resources.

Visit Maybe Montessori for:
Free Parts of a Flower Puzzle
Free Parts of a Leaf Puzzle
Free Parts of a Plant Puzzle

Visit The Adventures of Bear for:
Free Parts of a Bird Puzzle

Visit Montessori N’ Such for a HUGE collection of:
Free Botany Puzzles
Free Animal Puzzles

For more free Montessori printables and resources, click below to visit the directory.


2 responses to “Free Montessori Puzzles

  1. Oh wow coolness! Thanks for the awesome links!

  2. I’ve become a huge fan of your blog. Thanks for sharing your passion for Montessori. I love visiting. 🙂

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