project 18: Make A Montessori Continent Map

This continent map from Montessori N’ Such had me drooling, but the price…not so much, so I began searching for alternatives. I’ve seen quite a few continent maps crafted out of felt, but I wanted something more tactile that was a bit more durable for little hands so I decided to make continent map out of foam. This map is intended to be used as a reference / control chart and as a play mat for miniatures since the continents are affixed to the board. However, after I cut out the first set of continents, I traced a second matching set to use with an additional blank board so she can build the world herself while looking at the control map. I chose foam colors to match the traditional Montessori continent colors.


One foam core board
Colored foam sheets:
          Large: orange, yellow, white and blue (2)
          Medium: pink, red, green brown
Sticky back velcro
Hot glue gun

Center the two blue foam sheets and glue them to the white board.
Visit Owl and Mouse  and print out the map titled “World 1” in the size, 2 x 2 (4 sheets). If you prefer larger maps, print out a larger size (obviously).Tape the map together so that all of the continents are in their proper place. Cut out each continent but DON’T cut it precisely along the lines. Leave some margin around the edges. This will make it easier to cut the final shape out of foam. Affix each cutout to the appropriate color foam sheet with a small piece of rolled transparent tape. Now cut out the shape out of foam, using the actual lines on the template as a guide. Glue the continents to the foam. Design your own continent labels. Use sticky back velcro to attach them to the side of the map so they can be removed easily and placed on the corresponding continent.

We’ll be using this map as we begin exploring the world with our continent boxes. If you’re looking for free continent box resources, visit this post for a collection of links to free resources.

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2 responses to “project 18: Make A Montessori Continent Map

  1. Wow what a great project. I love to be able to make something that looks just as good or better for a lot less money!!

  2. I love this project! I think I’d like to try making the continents into magnets for fridge play fun.

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