free children’s audio books: a directory

We love snuggling on the couch with a good book but there are times when we simply aren’t able to do that and audio books are a wonderful alternative. We use them in the car, during afternoon rest times, and occasionally at bedtime. I was surprised to discover how many wonderful classic tales available for FREE DOWNLOAD online. You can burn them to audio cds to take with you wherever you go. I’ll be updating this directory regularly with new titles as I stumble upon them. I hope you enjoy.

NOTE TO PARENTS: Many of the beloved fairy tales we read to our children are adaptions from the original versions and have been revised to be a bit less frightening. I advise listening to the classic fairy tales BEFORE your child listens to them to ensure age appropriateness.

The following titles are available at Books Should Be Free and The Story. Please note that all of the stories at The Story Home must be downloaded to iTunes before you can burn them to CD.

A Child’s Garden of Verses (Books Should Be Free)

Anne of Green Gables (Books Should Be Free)

Casey at the Bat (The Story Home)

The Frog Prince (The Story Home)

The Great Big Treasury of Beatrix Potter (Books Should Be Free)

Gulliver’s Travels (Books Should Be Free)

Heidi (Books Should Be Free)

Jabberwocky (Books Should Be Free)

Jack & the Beanstalk (The Story Home)

The Little Red Hen (The Story Home)

Peter Pan (Books Should Be Free)

Pinocchio (Books Should Be Free)

The Princess & the Pea (The Story Home)

Puss in Boots (The Story Home)

Raggedy Ann (Books Should Be Free)

Rapunzel (The Story Home)

Snow White (The Story Home)

The Steadfast Tin Soldier (The Story Home)

Swiss Family Robinson (Books Should Be Free)

Three Bears (Books Should Be Free)

Thumbelina (The Story Home)

Tom Thumb (The Story Home)

Treasure Island (Books Should Be Free)


One response to “free children’s audio books: a directory

  1. Books Should Be Free is a place I stop by often! We also love many of the Homeschool Radio Shows!
    Thanks for sharing!

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