list lovers: 5 kitchen printables and projects

Welcome to week two of List Lovers, a Thursday meme where you can share lists of link love, useful tips, favorite things, or whatever else your heart desires. Keep reading to play along!

5 Kitchen Printables and Projects

1. Meal Planning Magnets – a brilliant idea from Katherine Marie Photography

2.  These darling printable recipe cards  from Creature Comforts

3. Turn your pantry door into a chalkboard. (LOVE THIS!)

4. Paint a menu platter with The Sleepytime Gal

5. Turn vintage tea towels in bread bags with this tutorial at I Eat Food.

Have some kitchen printables or projects to add to my list? You can do so in the comments. Just number them and keep right on listing.

Want to share a list of your own? You choose the topic and create a List Lovers post on your blog. Then add the link to your post in the comments below. To make for easier browsing, please include a link back to this post. If you’d like to grab the List Lovers graphic from the sidebar for your post, you’re welcome to but it’s certainly not required. And if you have any other questions, check out this post. Have fun!

GUESTSM A Y    G U E S T S: If you haven’t noticed, some very creative people have dropped in already this month and introduced themselves. Check out the guest list in the sidebar. You might discover a new favorite read, or better yet, a new friend!

poetic * playP O E T I C  *  P L A Y: This week’s poem is Of A Spider by Wilfred Thorley (1878-1963). You’ll find a copy of the play guide HERE with suggestions for outdoor exploring, crafting, additions to your book basket, and ideas for your nature table. Look for a new poem on Monday!


4 responses to “list lovers: 5 kitchen printables and projects

  1. I love the Meal Planning Magnets and will be making some this weekend. Meal planning is one job I struggle with [even after all these years] so maybe this will help.
    Here is my list:

  2. Some great ideas here! Thanks for the links xx

    I made my own list up today, you can see it here

  3. love it!! it is fun to see other people’s grand ideas.

  4. Great ideas–thanks!

    I’m joining in today: Favorite Books from Childhood. Hope you enjoy it!

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