yarn along

Joining Ginny for Yarn Along once again. This week, I’m happy to report that the yarn has made it out of the project bag. This is one step closer to actual knitting, don’t you think? It will be a scarf for the little one. She’s been asking for a while. Since I have until autumn, perhaps it will actually happen. The book is one of my favorites from childhood, rediscovered not long ago at a used book fair. We’re also very much enjoying Uncle Wiggly’s Story Book at bedtime. Our copy came from the library but I imagine we’ll be having to secure one of our on because we’re becoming quite enamoured with the antics of the long-eared fellow.

GUESTSM A Y   G U E S T S:  If you haven’t noticed, some very creative people have dropped in already this month and introduced themselves. Check out the guest list in the sidebar. You might discover a new favorite read, or better yet, a new friend! 

poetic * playP O E T I C * P L A Y: This week’s poem is Of A Spider by Wilfred Thorley (1878-1963). You’ll find a copy of the play guide HERE with suggestions for outdoor exploring, crafting, additions to your book basket, and ideas for your nature table. Look for a new poem on Monday!


L I S T    L O V E R S: On Thursday, I’ll post my new list and you’re welcome to play along by linking up. All of the details are HERE.


10 responses to “yarn along

  1. Gina, I had forgotten all about that book and I remember loving it. I really need to find a copy for this wee one here. Thanks for the brain nudge.
    See you tomorrow with my list!

  2. accountantgrrl

    Great book suggestion. Thanks!

  3. We were reading the uncle wiggly stories too at our house a little while ago. .. but ours did have to go back to the library. The boys loved it.

  4. Oh we love uncle wiggly over here! We’ve got some on cd for the frequent long car trips to family, such fun.

  5. The yarn looks so happy! It will make the perfect scarf 🙂

  6. it is such fun to revisit our favorite childhood books, isn’t it? we’ve been reading Mandy as our read aloud (my childhood fave) and just finished it last night and once again i’m a bit sad it’s over and still find myself longing for more Mandy adventures 😉

  7. I loved to read as a child, so I get excited when I find old books that were my favorites. Your poetic play idea is wonderful. And I’m pretty sure I have some of the yarn you’re going to knit with in my stash. What perfect colors for a child’s scarf!

  8. I love your poetic play ideas. Your blog looks very interesting so I’m off to explore more. Thanks for linking up to me! 😀

  9. I also enjoyed Uncle Wiggly and will have to see if our library has a copy.
    That yarn is so pretty. Can’t wait to see the scarf.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  10. The book is lovely! That is half the journey-getting the yarn and needles out of the bag! 😉

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