60 Feet

Today in Uganda, hundreds of children will yawn and stretch and greet the morning on urine soaked mattresses and filthy concrete floors.  They will wake to another day of wondering…Will I have food? Will I have clothes? Will anyone come for me? Does anyone even know I am here? Does anyone love me. These are the forgotten, the forsaken, the imprisoned. Yes, you read that correctly. Imprisoned.

Scattered throughout the continent of Africa, are facilities called remand centers. These facilities were built decades ago and were meant to house teenage delinquents. What they have morphed into is unthinkable: filthy concrete prisons for children as young as the toddler sitting at your breakfast table.  Most of the children are NOT criminals. They were picked up off the streets and dumped here by the truckload…street beggars, or even more unfathomable, children with special needs, disabilities, or little ones whose parents have remarried and they are unwanted by the new step-parent and deposited here like garbage. Click here for the story of how the first facility, “M” was discovered.

Thankfully, these children are now seeing glimmers of hope and the chance at life outside these walls because of the work of 60 Feet. In February, I had the chance to attend a showing of the documentary, Bereaved, detailing the plight of these precious little ones and the work of 60 Feet in Uganda. You can see some clips from the film here (and you must see this. It truly is unbelievable.) But after you dry your tears of sorrow, watch THIS VIDEO, (read the story and then scroll to the bottom of the post for the video) which will have you drowning in tears of unspeakable joy. The Bereaved documentary actually ends with this part of the story and it is one of the most beautiful pictures of redemption I have ever witnessed. I’ve watched it so many times that I’ve lost count.

And finally, if you want to get involved it is SO unbelievably simple. All you have to do is bake some cupcakes and sell them. Yep! It’s that simple. Don’t set a price! Ask people for donations. Educate them about what is happening in Uganda and what 60 Feet is doing to help. We just teamed up with a group of families in our town and did a two-day sale that raised over A THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! We set up a booth at a local music festival and one at our church on Sunday morning and we really raised over $1,000!!! All glory to God for blessing the work of our hands. Visit Cupcake Kids for information on how to host your own sale. And if you have any questions about getting involved, don’t hesitate to ask!


4 responses to “60 Feet

  1. This post was amazing. I did go to the links and I am very inspired by the cupcake sale. Thanks for sharing the information.

  2. In Virginia my niece’s school did a “Silent Baby” day to raise money for the children in Uganda. It saddens me to think in this day and time that people are treated this way. I do
    hope more people take notice and do something, even just a little…it does make a difference. I do like the idea of the Cupcake Kid’s and will pass that info along here.

  3. I am so thrilled to see you post about 60 feet! My husband just returned from Uganda, and while he was gone, I learned about sixtyfeet.org!
    Great post – keep spreading the word!

  4. cupcake kids!!! must find out what the canadian equivalent is. great post!!!
    will be adding your blog to my must read list!

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