why so quiet?

No, we have not disappeared. It’s just that we’re slipping (not so easily) into an entirely new routine inside these four walls and this Momma is having a hard time finding the time for sitting, sipping, and key-tapping. But I do have so much to tell you about what we’ve been doing (or not doing) and how it seems to changing the rhythm of our days. So thank you for being patient with me. I do hope to find time to fill you in the next day or so. Until then…


8 responses to “why so quiet?

  1. miss you!

  2. I do miss you, and I am intrigued. 😉

  3. enjoy this time away… see you when you get back…

  4. I understand completely. Hope the rhythm brings you back sooner than later.

  5. Hard to do it all! I had to take a break too but am glad to get back in the swing of things! I do like your blog so I will keep checking in!

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