yarn along | 5

We drifted off on in the Sunday darkness to the sound of winter’s fingers rapping loudly against the window panes and woke to a white world. Now the landscape is thawing and a steady drizzle has settled beneath the trees as the ice loosens its grip. Ahhh…winter. It’s the perfect sort of day for all the perfect sort of things like warm mugs and thick blankets and, oh yes,…good books. (Perhaps today, I’ll finally get around to the knitting.) This collection of poetry and illustrations by Charlotte Pomerantz and Gabrielle Vincent has quickly become a favorite and earned a permanant place under the table.

String me to a star,
tie me to the moon,
let me travel far –
and soon.

…Joining Ginny for Yarn Along today. It’s sooooo good to be back!

Pomerantz, Charlotte, Gabrielle Vincent, and Pili Mandelbaum. Halfway to Your House. New York: Greenwillow, 1993.

9 responses to “yarn along | 5

  1. I don’t know what happened to my comment sorry if this is a double.
    Glad your back 😀 The book looks lovely I put it on my wish list. This is my second week joining the yarn along.

  2. String me to a star,
    tie me to the moon,
    let me travel far –
    and soon.

    …that’s so pretty! I love little poems like that 🙂

  3. Sounds like you have been spending your winter days perfectly with warm mugs, thick blankets & good books! Cute poem to 🙂 We just got a big dump of snow so the kids are enjoying it immensely and I am enjoying a break from some of the rain we have been having this winter. Snow just seems to brighten up the grey days of winter and make it cheery 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your week!

  4. Such a sweet little poem!

  5. Beautiful poetry. I am hoping to get to some knitting and painting myself.
    I will have to check this book out. I love finding poetry for children-good to indoctrinate them now before they hear other kids say how much they don’t like poetry.
    xo, Angela

  6. so happy to have you back! excited for a new year with your blog, friend!

  7. We love poetry, too. I adore how my oldest child turns pensive and weaves her own lilting lines after hearing others. Those cited above are lovely. Thank you for the recommendation.

  8. yes a sweet poem indeed. i like your blog! fun to come and read here Gina 🙂

  9. This book is new to me. Now, I’m so curious…

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