{i n h a b i t} week three

Three times a day we’re passing food over these old planks. We brush knees beneath its sturdy frame. We fill time and tummies around its edges. And scarcely a meal is eaten without rich words for dessert. It’s how we weave books into the day’s rhythm. Seamlessly. We’re here. They’re here. A basket of bounty at arms reach. A feast tucked under our feet.

How are YOU

capturing time,

filling your table,

making memories,

weaving rituals,

creating warmth,

encouraging deep roots,

nurturing creativity,

being fully present,

and learning to fully inhabit the space you call home?

There are several ways to participate.

(1) Comment and tell us what “inhabit” means to you this week.

(2) Leave a link to a relevant post on your blog. You may craft a special post or link to one in your archives. Kindly provide a link back here to make for an easy meandering through the posts.

(3) Link to a relevant Flickr image that shows what “inhabit” means to you.

I’ll leave the comments open until Monday morning. This post explains how it all began.

If you’d like a graphic for your {i n h a b i t} post, you’re welcome to use the one below but it is certainly not required. Enjoy your weekend, my friends . . .
S L O W L Y.



15 responses to “{i n h a b i t} week three

  1. I am enjoying this slowing down so much. It really helps me be present and to enjoy the moments and notice them. This is turn helps me help the children do the same. We made an Advent wreath after mass last week. I am finding the lighting the wreath is encouraging us to slow down and contemplate the season’s meaning even more.
    I love the books under your table. Sometimes I think we have too many. Then I realize I just need better ways to make them accessible and to store them!
    Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for the opportunity to share. Peace, Angela


  2. I love this. It is a great way to gather other women’s thoughts on what they do best all day. I will be back to get involved!

  3. Here is one way we “inhibit”: special tapas parties for lunchtime with me and the girls.


  4. I love the books! Our library shelf is within arms reach of the kitchen table and our oldest often has to be reminded to put a good read down and join us at our meal. Thank you for sharing.

    Today, inhabiting is less peaceful for me… it’s a struggle of an unusual kind…


  5. Already it’s week 3 of Inhabit? I feel like the last 3 weeks has flown by (with an out-of-state Thanksgiving trip thrown in there). This week Inhabit means enjoying being home again with things and views that are familiar. I’m thankful to have a place to come home to.

  6. My ‘this moment’ could also be an ‘inhabit’ moment too! I’m working on a twin size quilt for my daughter’s bed! Nothing like hand quilting to make a home or bed feel inhabited!


  7. What a wonderful ritual! I considered it a great treat (and still do) when I got to read at the table!

  8. Yesterday I intended to make minestrone for dinner, but began a simple fabric garland for the tree, and it took me into soup-making time. However, I stuck with it, and found some leftover meat in the freezer which made a heartier meal anyway – and the living room looks cozier with a garland on the Christmas tree. It makes a difference.

    Peaceful wishes to everyone.

  9. I love that your book basket is under your table. Truthfully, I grew up in a household where with a solid No Books at the Dinner Table rule — probably because I was such a bookworm I would’ve read straight through breakfast, lunch, and dinner without saying a word to my family! But I’m slowly starting to embrace books at the family table, in part because of the most lovely book called The Family Dinner by Laurie David. I think we might be moving our book basket soon…
    Here’s my contribution to Inhabit this week:

    • I still have to exercise serious restraint in order to pause a good read, even when sweet young voices are calling me back to this world. Thanks for the Laurie David rec; I’ve come across mentions of A Family Dinner a couple of times but kept forgetting to add it to my book queue.

  10. Well, you already know I am a huge fan of your table! Like Sara, we have a ‘no reading/no playing at the table’ rule at our house, but I love how accessible you make the books. My daughter has been asking me to do the same in our home but I havent made it a priority on my to-do list. This is reminding me that I can simply grab a basketful at a time instead of trying to re-figure out the whole system. I could literally do that in 5 minutes as opposed to the 2 day project I have brewing in my head!

    Simplicity does not come naturally to me. 😉

    Here is my participation post… http://sofiasideas.com/2010/12/04/anything-ragged-or-rotten-or-rusty/

  11. Kind of silly, perhaps… Here’s my post about our newly laying chickens and the wonderful eggs we’ve been enjoying.

    Thanks for hosting this. I enjoy exploring the links to other blogs each week.

  12. I love that I can spot many of our favorites in your basket (Caps for Sale, The Jesus Storybook Bible, Little House in the Big Woods …). Our mealtimes are also similar in that we find good company in one another and then in a book. Most kitchen readings are from story books, but our dining room vitrine houses our art and architecture collection, so we take the opportunity to highlight an artist or movement. We’re all more receptive after a good meal.

    In my {inhabit} post for this week, about our own slower, more focused pace, I included a shot of one of our postprandial read alouds.


  13. What a great way to make reading a family affair. Your table is beautiful too, by the way.

    Here is my Inhabit post :

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