yarn along | 4

I’ve spent two days hurrying about, occasionally pausing at the window to watch autumn chase winter across the thick grey overhead. The twin sycamores behind the house have steadily discarded their garb, some leaves larger than our hands and each like a golden magic carpet sailing past the panes. Even on the ground, they waft restless, waving goodbye to November while December rings out a haunting melody on the chimes outside the kitchen window. Everything around me, all creation, has seemed a whirl of endless motion and nagging noise. And this morning, December was born into cold quiet, and I awoke to an entirely different duty. Stillness. It is time for me be still, and I wonder, is that even possible? Could I, for the next twenty-five days, just be still and here and childlike? Have I forgotten how? And then my eyes come to rest on the bounty piled early on the kitchen table and I’m hopeful that somehow between breakfasts with Calvin Miller’s The Christ of Christmas and then The Advent Jesse Tree (Dean Lambert Smith) in the flickering candlelight at each day’s end, I will not return to the far too familiar frenzy.  But instead, in the space between, we would burrow deep in blankets and finish the peppermint scarf begun last winter and mine golden books like Shoemaker Martin {tell me, how have we missed this book until now?!?!} and for twenty-five days, we would just be.

Today we begin the slow recounting – the quiet wait – twenty-five days gleaming bright and clean, wrapped warm in words and pictures. I’ve not entirely settled on a rhythm for this space during the Christmas season, but it will likely shift. Some days, perhaps only a quiet picture or two. Gentle reflection. After all, there is noise everywhere, isn’t there? I’m joining Ginny for Yarn Along today. {I do love Wednesdays!} Be sure to visit her original post for a list of delicious books and beautiful handmades.

p.s. Friday, Saturday, Sunday…we’ll gather once again for three days of  {i n h a b i t}, a celebration of home. I am so enjoying the growing community that has embraced this weekend ritual. Your words and pictures are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing them.


21 responses to “yarn along | 4

  1. What a beautifully written post! I, too, am seeking stillness during this busy, noisy time …So, I understand!

    Those look like lovely books! And that scarf is too sweet!

    A blessed and peaceful Advent to you and yours.

  2. I LOVE the shoemaker Martin story. I have known it since I was a little girl. Our picture book is different, it is in German, but I will share it here. We also had the story in Swiss-German on cassette tape and I miss those stories and am sad my kids can’t understand them, but it’s not so bad, because I can tell them the story in English. It is one of my absolute favorite stories ever. The 1st of December here is just like you described. Completely still, while yesterday everything was blowing everywhere!
    I will have to check out those two Christmas/Jesse books you mentioned. Are they Catholic?

    • Hi, Elisa. isn’t it a wonderful story? We stumbled on it during yesterday’s visit to the library. We’re going to have to find a copy of our own. I would love to see your German copy. i’m sure it is beautiful. To answer your question about the other two books…we are Protestant, but are observing Advent in our home as a way to mark the waiting for the birth of Christ so the books we selected were not written from a Catholic perspective. I’m not sure if that answers your question. I hope so. Thanks for asking!

  3. This post just touches my heart, written so well, so lovely! I need to participate in ‘in-habit’ I always feel a drawing in during Winter.

  4. What a lovely post!

  5. The candycane scarf will be delightful! A blessed Advent to you and yours.

  6. What really, truly beautiful words and what a cute scarf!

  7. The books look lovely. I’m always on the lookout for more Christmas/Advent books.

  8. To be still, here and childlike are worthwhile things for us all to strive for during this season. thank you for the reminder. Love the peppermint scarf.

  9. Such a beautiful post. That Jesse Tree book is beautiful!!

  10. I want the Shoemaker Martin story! I hope I can find an affordable copy somewhere! It sounds wonderful.

  11. You’re right about not settling on a rhythm – let God inspire you as the day goes. “The best laid plans of mice and men..” and women 🙂
    Like you said, some days you’ll have more opportunity than others. That’s what I’m trying to get across to myself!

  12. look like interesting books & very Christmasy red & white yarn 🙂

  13. That peppermint scarf looks just like Christmas and winter! Searching for stillness here as well . . .

  14. Your writing always feels like sweet poetry to me..
    I was just sitting and thinking about the month ahead, as we planned out our advent calendar, and I was wondering if doing so was going against the idea of slowing down, and just going with the flow. I still havent decided whether or not to put formal academics aside this month, whether to simply practice weaving more teachable moments into our days as we head towards Christmas. We have a ton of winter & Christmas books already waiting for us at the library, many handmade gifts to create with love, and of course there is the baking of our goodie baskets for friends, both old & new & not yet made… I suppose, as always, things will unfold exactly as they should?

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