We’ll begin on Wednesday…a slow recounting, a long look back. This morning I’m already craving holy quiet to cloak this stretch of days. But before the Tuesday sun sinks into the pines, there is much to be done…and only one Momma. So I’m slipping away from this space until Wednesday morning in the hopes of readying heart and home. I’ll still be checking in to read your posts for {inhabit} and will close the comments for this week’s post when I return on Wednesday. I have so enjoyed reading your thoughts. I haven’t quite finished making my rounds, but hope to make a few more visits today.

and I’m counting to 1,ooo…

{6} sunlight flickering fire through the trees

{7} our new morning rhythm, and the peace it brings

{8} generations gathered around two bountiful tables

{9} a sea of faces that are beginning to look less like friends and more like family

{10} beauty from ashes




10 responses to “preparations

  1. Only one momma . . . how I can relate! It’s good to take a break from things now and then. For sunlight fire, generations around bountiful tables and beauty from ashes . . . I give thanks with you.

  2. A break/rest is good for the soul. Enjoy. Love your list.

  3. Very thoughtful, beautiful words. A lovely list to read.

  4. Enjoy your break…from blogging =)

  5. Generations gathered around 2 tables . . . . ahhhhh yes! Such blessings!

    Beautiful . . . .

  6. yes, only one mama. sometimes i think i need myself a wife. just in my busy season with work but how nice would that be???

    thank you for the link to those scarves – i do very much love this idea.

    enjoy your blog break 🙂

  7. Beautiful thoughts and gratitude. Your picture is just gorgeous! Only one momma, boy am I feeling that right now! 😉

  8. Nice photograph! And good luck with the pie.

  9. love the photo… take your time. it strengthens the soul so much.

  10. I just came back from a blogging break myself, and I highly recommend it. I hope you enjoyed your time away.

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