There are days that I struggle to hear her over the cries of the laundry piled in the doorway. The only Cheerios in the house are the ones cemented to the kitchen floor and I discover the milk carton is empty just as we’re sitting down for breakfast. In my endless chasing of the to-do list I offer little more than a steady stream of “not now…in a minute…maybe later.” I’m impatient and push her little legs to match my stride. Sometimes she multiplies messes and I spill words, harsh and cold. And sometimes I feel uninspired…ill-equipped, and I need reminders to make room for the things that clear the clamour and call forth calm. This weekend, as we enter the holiday season, with all its beauty and bustle, I’ll carve out time to linger once again in these pages. It’s refreshment for a mother’s heart and hands on special days and every day.

I considered canceling this weekend’s edition of {i n h a b i t} with the holiday pressing in, but decided to go ahead with it, if for no other reason than to remind myself to savour these days SLOWLY. So I’ll wish you a deeply meaningful Thanksgiving celebration, and see you back here on Friday morning for round two of {i n h a b i t}. You can add your link any time until Monday morning when I close the comments.

p.s. I know that many of you are striving for a handmade holiday this season. This morning I stumbled across Live FashionABLE and was nearly moved to tears. I encourage you to visit and read the stories of these precious women of Ethiopia, and perhaps even add one of their beautiful scarves to your list this year. You’ll be joining hands to provide help, hope, and healing.


7 responses to “homespun

  1. What a lovely post! I can certainly relate to the emotions here and its such a great reminder that I know I need on a daily basis…
    Happy Holidays to you & yours…

  2. You are certainly not alone! That is a very eloquent description of how I feel on a daily basis. Which is why I love reading the blogs of other mothers — to remind me that I’m not the only one going through this, and to inspire me to strive to be better and to seek out the good things. Thanks for doing that for me today!

  3. My whole week has been like your first paragraph… and the week before. I am having trouble centering myself on THANKSGIVING. Both the act of gratitude, and the holiday. Thank you for the book recommendation and the gentle reminder.

  4. Thank you for reminding me I am not alone! A lovely and truly apt post at this time of year which can get so crazy. I plan to take my time this holiday and to enjoy my family without stressing over to do lists or impossible ideals.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  5. Oh how I struggle with the same, often ashamed that I don’t cherish every moment or speak as kindly as I would want someone to speak to me. The to-do list is a struggle. I try to see it as a process and I not to take things too seriously if they don’t get done. At the same time I wrestle with the fact that it is me doing it or it doesn’t get done (due to work logistics, etc). I really am aiming to slow it all down for my sake and for my family’s sake. Thank you for this beautiful post and the book recommendation.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Peace, Angela

  6. Thanks for sharing this story…holidays get way to commercialized and I read these blogs to keep me grounded…..

  7. This post made me tear up quite a bit. And it’s precisely what the past month has been like for us and at the end of the day, I just feel quite awful about it. This sounds like a beautiful book!

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