1000 gifts {tuesday comes early}

Tuesday will find this space quiet. In my longing for stillness in this season, I’m approaching Thanksgiving as if it were the first of January. For me, it is the beginning of a new year inside. A turning page in the soul’s calendar, fresh and pregnant with possibility. 365 days of deliberately slowing my pace to engage grace in full color and stereo sound. Less rushing. More resting. Less frenzy. More feasting. Seeing and savouring. And I will make frequent short stops, not to type –  to write. Real pen and ink dancing with my right hand on the stage of these pages, collecting 1000 gifts, one grace given day at a time.


and the journey begins…

{1} the anticipation of celebrating the gift of a holy child, descended into the filthy mess of a humble stable…for me.

{2} seven wonder-filled dancing years

{3}early morning pattering of feet poking out of long pajamas

{4} a brother/soldier home safe and sound from a war-torn land

{5} rainbow rain of autumn washing the landscape in crunchy color

Have a wonder-filled Tuesday, my friends. See you Wednesday.



14 responses to “1000 gifts {tuesday comes early}

  1. I just might try the 1000 gifts project, myself–you’ve inspired me. And thanks for sharing the music video too; my favorite line: “I’ll walk with you in the shadowlands, ’til the shadows disappear.” Beautiful.

  2. I am so in love with your “little list”. Thank you so much for introducing yourself. Its lovely to meet you!

  3. i am so glad to see you! i missed your blog change and just realized the other day yours was one i wanted to read. found Ann Voskamp a little while back. thanks for the 1000 gifts idea.

  4. I am very happy your soldier is home!! Thank you for such a thoughtful post. It is a gift! Your search for stillness is inspiring.
    xoxo, Angela

  5. I am so unbelievably happy that you stopped by my blog; this way I found you and your amazing space.
    Is the ‘inhabit’ project ongoing? Does it take place every weekend?
    I’ll be back!

  6. i love that quote! just copied it down so i could dwell on it longer. i look forward to your 1000 gifts – such a big undertaking (and blessing too, i’m sure).

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