list 25 | nature study

I love this DIY Botanical Press  tutorial over at A Beautiful Mess. It would make a delightful gift.

If nature study doesn’t come naturally for you, take a peek at Nature Study for Wimps at Simple Homeschool.

Looking for a fun way to pass an autumn afternoon? Check out the scientific scavenger hunt over at Imagine Childhood.

And finally, if you’re looking for a creative way to bring a hint of nature indoors, Kathryn Anderson is over at re-nest with this amazing tutorial for a string tree wall mural.


8 responses to “list 25 | nature study

  1. You have the best lists. I always want to click on everything. I love that press.

  2. great resources! thanks for posting them!

  3. With a winter weather advisory on its way, the last thing on my mind lately has been exploring nature! But this post reminded me that there is so much to see outside in any season, especially for little eyes that haven’t yet traveled around the sun as many times as mine have. Have you read I Love Dirt by Jennifer Ward? There are so many great winter ideas I’d like to try out from there. The challenge this year will be getting out with a 5 month old baby in tow!

    • No, I haven’t read that yet but it’s on my list. Have you? Should it be on our Christmas list?

      • I checked it out from the library when my daughter was just barely two years old. I remember thinking that a lot of the projects would be really fun in a few years when she got older. Maybe if I read it again now that she’s three, I might find the activities more doable — it’s amazing the difference a year can make in their development!

  4. ooooh, so much goodness, here!

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