project 12 | magnetic vintage paper dolls

When I first discovered these little beauties over at One Pearl Button, I knew we would be making them. She has a great tutorial for them but I didn’t have the magnetic sheets, only thin strips. To make them sturdier, I glued the clothes (but not the dolls) to thin sheets of cardboard (empty cereal boxes are perfect) before cutting them out, laminated them, and then attached my magnetic strips to the back. I have a feeling her grandmothers will be smitten. You can print the dolls here.

This morning I realized that I haven’t added the tabletop puppet theater to the Make + Do page either. Busy, busy. Maybe later today!


8 responses to “project 12 | magnetic vintage paper dolls

  1. The dolls are so cute!!!
    I am more addicted to crochet. But think, I will try to make a few dolls following your blog.

  2. Ha, ha … I feel so vintage! I was the brunette doll in the middle (on the first frame) – that’s exactly what I wore when I was a girl: undershirt and black maryjanes included. I played with paper dolls very similar to those you’d shown; thanks for the link you provided. Such fun. Cheers~

  3. My favorite thing in the world. My daughter and I constantly make paper dolls – not such professional ones as these but still lots of fun. Now I definitely want to make the ones over at One Pearl Button.

  4. i LOVE that!!!!!!!! i’m logging that away!!!

  5. These are so nice. My daughter would love some like this. I’ll have to keep it in mind for a future project.

  6. wow, these are absolutely perfect! i love paper dolls, and i’ve seen those new magnetic dolls, so what a perfect way to get the best of both worlds. thank you!!

  7. These are delightful. A perfect project for us to do tomorrow!

  8. these are fabulous! i will love them as much as my children. 😉

    i am enjoying your beautiful blog. what a gifted writer you are!! something i struggle with greatly and certainly prevents me from posting more often.

    off to check out those dolls…

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