365 | this moment

{A Friday ritual…Visit SouleMama to join in.} 


I had no idea that so many mamas would connect with the idea of our Storytime Diary but I thought it would be fun to collaborate a bit. The post now contains a link to our list with a place for you to add your own at your leisure. We look forward to adventuring with you.

continue to the storytime diary...

Happy Friday!


21 responses to “365 | this moment

  1. What a fantastic shot – obviously a book lover…can’t turn those pages fast enough 🙂 Have a great weekend xxx

  2. what a great shot. happy friday!

  3. Whoops…meant to say “your” header. Also your photos…..what type of camera and lens are you using?

  4. my favorite place in whole world to be!

  5. Great photo! And I so look forward to seeing everyones favorite books!

  6. What fun! Great moment.

  7. What a great picture of reading in action. I love the Storytime Diary idea. I can’t wait to participate.

  8. Gorgeous moment and stunning shot. I love that I can’t see her face due to the page turning!! So much mystery and fun-just like books!
    Peace, Angela

  9. I love the perspective, and the blur of the page!

  10. VERY cool!!! and so whimsical!

  11. it looks like an enjoyable time at the library. i love your photo.

  12. Is funny 🙂

    Regards from a peruvian via soule mama

  13. Love that page turning action! Wonderful capture. =)

  14. We love the library too. I really love this picture. I would never manage to capture such a moment.

    I really like the storytime diary idea too. I’m always looking for book recommendations for my children.

    Happy weekend!

  15. Wow, fab action shot!

  16. Love the library! Thats a great action shot!

    Come check out our moment (and my blog) if you get a chance… http://sofiasideas.com/

  17. what a great shot! my 9yo heard me telling a friend at knit night about your storytime diary and she has decided to keep a list of all the books she reads this year 🙂

  18. Oooh…SUPER neat picture!

  19. i love, love, love this photo. really beautiful and tells quite a story – about loving stories!
    dropped in via soulemama and love your blog. please come visit me, too! http://www.wabisabimama.com

  20. what a great shot! You are so lucky to have captured it.

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