list 24 | the library

Building a rich collection of children’s literature does not have to be a burdensome task…

Honey for a Child’s Heart, by Gladys Hunt, and The Read-Aloud Handbook, by Jim Trelease: I’m not sure how I survived the library labyrinth without these. No more aimlessly filling our basket. Now we walk in armed with a list and a plan, and often times, I put the list on hold with my online library account (check your local library for this service). Given enough notice, my books will be stacked and waiting for me at the counter. I love walking in and walking out with a stack of new books in a matter of minutes when we’re pushed for time.

The American Library Association publishes a new list of the most notable children’s books each year, beginning in 2004. Previous years are being added.

The International Reading Association also publishes several reading lists by year: Children’s Choices, Teacher’s Choices, and Young Adult Choices.

And last, but not least, Amy’s book series sampler is such a wonderful gift idea for that special occasion, or for no reason at all. Tucking this one away.


5 responses to “list 24 | the library

  1. I’m glad you mentioned the read-aloud handbook. I’ve seen that book in the library and now wil snatch it!

  2. I really like Under the Chinaberry Tree by Ann Ruethling and Patti Pitcher. Wonderful parenting inspirations as well as great book recommendations! I also get a lot of book ideas from the Chinaberry catalog.

    • By the way, I LOVE Cynthia Rylant’s Lets Go Home, which I see is on your book list. My favorite page is the living room scene where the two moms are sewing while their children play — now that ‘s my idea of the perfect playdate!

  3. This is awesome; thanks! We go in and grab aimlessly. I’m a total list person and regularly put books on hold for myself. I think I shall do the same!

  4. Thanks for the suggestions. Our library is closed right now for renovations 😦 So we have to drive a ways to another town in order to check books out. I think I would mind it all less if I didn’t do the wandering around aimlessly.

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