365 | the farm {part 4}

They’re scattered everywhere – relics of another season of sowing and reaping, springtime and harvest, propped against outbuildings and oaks. Whose hands and hearts have nursed these fertile acres? My eyes fall across the land – a patchwork of emerald and straw drapes hill and valley. A door slams, interrupting my thoughts and I see her across the yard, one loyal companion beside. A nod and a half-smile and we exchange a few words about the peacefulness of this place she calls home and the old dog and the dark sky. There’s something about her that begs knowing – this grandmother with the work-worn hands and piercing eyes – but I shy away from questions. There is much to be done, and soon before this rain presses in.

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6 responses to “365 | the farm {part 4}

  1. Officially addicted.

    I would blame The Habit of Being for sending me into this state, but there’s only room for gratitude.

    So beautiful. May be here for a while…

  2. Ah yes, me too! I’m so enjoying your blog I may be here for a while, a long while. Today I’ve been rambling in your blog space, or so may have noticed. I feel it would be rude of me to peruse so long and not comment today. I’m really loving your farm pictures this week. Thanks so much for the effort you give to this wonderful space. Cheers~

  3. I love these farm shots. You have such an eye for colour, space and shape. xo m.

  4. Oh how I love farm implements! You photograph them beautifully!

    Peace, Angela

  5. Beautiful, as always. I especially love that striking yellow.

    Just so you know, I’ve taken to leisurely enjoying your posts with my morning coffee. It helps set the tone for my day. Especially if taken with a couple chocolate biscuits.

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