365 | the farm {part one}

We tumble out of the car into grey light and heavy air, thick with morning dampness and anticipation. Not three steps across the gravel, her hand wriggles free and she takes flight past the old barn. Today, she knows this place and no fear. And I smile remembering the timid girl of five months before, dodging bees and piddling in my shadow, impatient eyes peering out from her wide-brimmed hat, while her grandmother and I plundered the strawberry patch. Funny…this nearly November morning seems more balmy than that one. My eyes chase her and the ominous billows skating on the horizon. Please, don’t rain. The wind presses again, undressing the old oak. He hurls his cache of acorns, pinging out autumn’s melody in a harsh strain on the tin roof.

>>> Continue on to The Farm, Part 2>>>


I recently began a 365 project – at least one photo a day to record this trip around the sun. This is the first in a series – The Farm – detailing one morning’s adventure.


8 responses to “365 | the farm {part one}

  1. Please tell me you are planning or in the process of writing a book ~ your writing skill is amazing. I want to turn the page and hear the rest of the story……….

    • You are so very kind. No, there is no book writing in the immediate future. Some day? Well, we’ll see. It’s not in the plan but anything could happen. Thank you for taking time to say “hello” when you drop in. I love hearing from the people who visit. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Lovely writing and a beautiful photo. I look forward to seeing more of your 365!

  3. Beautiful post. Makes me want to hear more about your farm adventures!

  4. 365 is a Flickr project?

    My little girl is turning 3 today, at 11:35pm 🙂

    • Well, some people post all of their 365 project photos on Flickr but I am not because many of them are of my daughter and her privacy is important to me. Happy birthday to your little one!

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