this moment / 365 project

This moment – a Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week.

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{ the 365 project }

I recently took the plunge and began a 365 project – a least one photograph each day for one year. You can expect a sampling of them here and there among the lists for awhile. It’s definitely stretching me!


18 responses to “this moment / 365 project

  1. this is a sweet shot! And my engagement ring setting is almost exactly like yours. Unfortunately I don’t wear it much anymore because I keep scratching my babies and getting bread dough stuck up in there! Ahh, well…over from SouleMama, have a wonderful weekend!

  2. This is the second post today I have seen with hands and it just so so much. So thoughtful and sweet.

  3. Hands say so much. Beautiful.

  4. Thanks for stretching – this is significant. Katie x

  5. I agree with the previous Katie : ) – this is significant! One of my favorite art projects ever was drawing a series of hands. They say so much about us, don’t they?

  6. I agree with Katie’s comment…thanks for stretching…and sharing:)

    Our moment was some fun at the park this week!

  7. Beautiful. Enjoy the “stretching”!

  8. My daughter, who is seven, still always wants to hold my hand, everywhere we go. I wonder, how much longer will that last? Definitely these are days to savor!

  9. gorgeous…what a precious moment!

  10. Beautiful picture. And congrats on starting the 365 project, it must be so exciting.

  11. Sweet shot! I love it! I always want to take a picture of Bea and I’s hands when we are holding them, but haven’t done it yet!!

  12. Sweet little fingers!

  13. I love the picture !!

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