list 20 | learning spaces

Today, I’m loving…

These customizable preschool planning pages from Homeschool Creations.

This DIY pallet bookshelf from Happy Hearts at Home. What a great idea!

This article with practical guidance to help you Organize Your Homeschool Day from Simple Homeschool.


3 responses to “list 20 | learning spaces

  1. That is a great bookshelf! I think we need about 10 of them — we never have enough space for books! There are always books stacked on the floor, on the coffee table, under the coffee table, on beds, etc.

  2. great little list today. keep it coming!

  3. Thanks for share how fabulous link with us.

    I have to know how organizated.
    This week is will be a crazy week because my girl turnin 3 next friday, and I’m going to do a litte party for her on sunday (halloween)
    Do you like paperdoll? yesterday I posted a free printable.

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