project 10 | thank you cards

Watercolor thank you cards…because anything made by tiny hands is special.


7 responses to “project 10 | thank you cards

  1. most of my kids’ artwork gets recycled into cards. Better than anything we could ahve bought for sure.

  2. I usually let my two-year-old make our thank-yous, too, usually with markers and crayons. You’re right, their little drawings make it more special — and it seems like less of a chore to me! (I know saying thank you should not be a chore, but sometimes it feels that way.) Do you use regular cardstock or watercolor paper for these?

  3. Saying thank you is so important…it’s good that you help your children see that at an early age…

  4. seriously cute photo!

  5. An extension of that idea is to take a blank roll of paper (you can get them at your local newspaper office) and have your children decorate the wrapped gift with markers, paint or stickers. You will never buy wrapping paper again and everyone loves the wrapping paper as much as the gift! We also took drawings and artwork from the girls, scanned them into the computer and printed them on notecards….your blog is great and I love your ideas! Thanks for sharing!

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