project 7 | recycled insect observatory

If you buy salad greens in containers instead of bags, don’t toss them all. They make wonderful bug houses. They’re not breakable, they’re easy to poke holes in, and they’ll stand up like a frame for easier bug watching. We fashioned a small door from a blank yard sale tag and some transparent tape to make for easier feeding. To learn more about keeping critters, grab a copy of this book:

Pets In A Jar

Also, Amy has a wonderful post over at Simple Kids today on collecting and storing other nature ojects, indoors and out. Check it out!


2 responses to “project 7 | recycled insect observatory

  1. LOVE this idea, I have 2 girls who are VERY into bugs!
    I have missed a few posts, but just checking in…love the movable Alphabet idea and the Alphabet Album…very clever and fun for us to do together…
    SO many fabulous ideas…this is GREAT!!!

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