list 14 | the library

If your little one is like mine, books are a constant companion and that means they travel. Grab some of these darling free printable book plates to personalize your library.

Set One {via Urban Nest}

Set Two {via Happy Doodle Land}

Set Three {via Issa Sarza}

Set Four {via Craftsanity by Emily Martin}

Set Five {via Orange You Lucky}

p.s. Before you leave check out the book giveaways going on this week.


12 responses to “list 14 | the library

  1. Laura Gunn has some cute ones too:

    I love the concept of them but haven’t had the courage to actually put them on my books. Maybe today…

  2. Ooo, we love bookplates!!
    Also love your site. Such a great idea! And great sources of inspiration.

  3. I love this idea. I use to buy the stickers that said “This book belongs to….” when I was growing up and put them onto all of my books. I think that the boys and I will have to try this this week.

  4. how funny… i just posted about a few of my favorite books today. these will be perfect.

  5. Very cute; thanks for rounding them up for us. And, looking at your previous post–“subscribe” looks clear to me!

  6. These are great. Thanks for posting them and for the comment you left over at my place. It’s very nice to meet you too!

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