list 9 | nature study

birdJam – learn the voices of many North American songbirds with these free sound bytes. And while you’re visiting, read this wonderful article with tips for tuning your ear to the orchestra outside your window.

Vintage Bird, Egg, & Nest Printables – These are great for printing and using as decor but not all of them are labeled in a way that make them suitable teaching aids. However, we printed the one for songbirds of North America and laminated it. One of our projects will eventually be to research and label the back of the poster with the name of each bird.

Wild Bird Feeding in the Autumn – This article addressed some great questions about feeding backyard guests during the shift in seasons.

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4 responses to “list 9 | nature study

  1. We’ve just begun studying birds in biology at our house, so we’re trying to tie it in with our nature studies. Thank you for the helpful links! I love the vintage printables 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for compiling so much goodness here! Is this your new space in blogland? Love the list format. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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