list 8 | learning spaces

Make a Writing Box {via The Sleepy Time Gal} – I sooooo look forward to doing this.

Kids’ Art & Drying Rack {via Urban Cottage} – This is such a fabulous idea.

2010 Wall Calendar {via Non Dairy Diary} – This free printable has to be the most darling calendar I’ve ever laid eyes on. Your little ones will fall in love (and we can all hope a new one is on the way for 2011!)


7 responses to “list 8 | learning spaces

  1. Oh my…that calendar you linked to is so cute! I love the concept of your blog…very cool. Thank you for sharing all these great resources.

  2. This is so timely for me to discover (thanks for your comment on my blog) as I’ve just begun thinking about creating more spaces like this. Organizing an art corner for one. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Hello Gina! What a great idea, to check out other’s blogs, comment, and leave a link to yours! I am so excited by what you have posted already, I’ve subscribed with my reader and can’t wait to implement so of your gathered ideas. Thank you.

  4. Love that calendar!

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